This file was originally catalogued under more than one subject heading. Those headings, and details of this file, are as follows: COLONIAL AND FOREIGN (Code: 11/1): Civil air agreement with Sharjah, Persian Gulf. ROUTES AND SERVICES: Foreign (Code 27/2): Civil air agreement with Sharjah, Persian Gulf

AVIA 2/2798 1932-1951

This file concerns the civil air agreement between the UK and Sharjah. It contains correspondence and minute sheets relating to:

  • Agreement made on 22 July 1932 between the Ruler of Sharjah Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqr Bin Khalid Al Qasimi for the establishment of an air base at Sharjah and a letter of assurance to Sheikh Sultan written in 1938
  • Discussions in 1943 and 1948 on whether to renew the air agreement and the question of increasing the rates of the payments owed to the Ruler under the agreement
  • Need for the Ruler of Sharjah and the other Gulf Rulers to afford the same rights to foreign aircraft in their territories as is accorded by international agreement to such aircraft in British territory
  • Decision of the RAF to sell one of their camps in Sharjah
  • Copy of the air agreement of 1950 between the UK and Kuwait and the suggestion that the air navigation regulations for the Sharjah agreement should be on the same lines as those for Kuwait
  • Arrangements for an extension to the Sharjah airfield
  • Draft of the Sharjah air agreement of 1951, along with a draft exchange of letters with the Ruler