This file was originally catalogued under more than one subject heading. Those headings, and details of this file, are as follows: AERODROMES: General (Code 4/2): Persian Gulf aerodromes: air agreements with Bahrain, Kuwait and Muscat. COLONIAL AND FOREIGN (Code: 11/1): Persian Gulf aerodromes: air agreements with Britian Kuwait and Muscat. ROUTES AND SERVICES: Foreign (Code 27/2): Foreign

AVIA 2/2801 1937-1939

This file concerns the revision of the civil air agreements made between the UK and Bahrain, and the UK and the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman. It contains correspondence and minute sheets relating to:

  • Summary of the air agreements made between the UK and the Rulers of Kuwait, Sharjah, Bahrain, Kalba and Dubai
  • Revision and renewal of the Bahrain civil air agreement, including the question of whether to use fuel produced in Bahrain in place of that supplied by the Anglo Iranian Oil Company and the question of customs exemptions
  • Plans for Imperial Airways to leave Gwadur [Gwadar] and to use the facilities at Jiunri [Jiwani] instead
  • Proposal for an increase in the rent paid for the use of the landing grounds in Bahrain and Gwadar in light of the greater use to be made of them under the Empire Air Mail Scheme
  • Operation by Imperial Airways of flying boat services via Bahrain and a plan, a map and details of the sea alighting area
  • Payment to the Sultan of Muscat and Oman Saeed Bin Taimur of the amount due under the revised terms of the civil air agreement
  • Proposal for both RAF and civil aviation activities to be concentrated at the RAF landing ground at Muharraq and a map of the RAF property
  • Consideration of the need to extend the lengths of the take-off runs possible on both the landing grounds in Muharraq and a diagram of zoning requirements as applied to a specimen standard all-weather commercial aerodrome
  • Agreement from the Ruler of Kuwait for the flying boats of Imperial Airways to land in an emergency in the neighbourhood of the RAF flying boat moorings at Bandar Shuwaikh
  • Opinion of the Sultan that flying boat services are not covered by the civil air agreement
  • Unwillingness of the Sultan to change the present system in force by which customs duty is paid on petrol and oil landed in Gwadar for Imperial Airways and a refund afterwards given on the quantities uplifted by the machines of that company