UK Diplomatic representation in Oman

FCO 8/1693 1971 Jan 01-1971 Dec 31

This file is about the diplomatic representation of the UK in Oman, from April to October 1971. It contains correspondence relating to:

  • The potential elevation of the Political Agent to HM Ambassador in Bahrain in the wake of independence, and the question of the Political Resident in the Persian Gulf's relation to the new Ambassador
  • The designation of the Consul General in Muscat D F Hawley as Ambassador in Oman. It includes: details of Hawley's service in Sudan, Dubai, Egypt, Nigeria and Iraq, and the correct form to be used by an incumbent ambassador to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in his receiving country
  • The discussions between the Sultan of Oman Qaboos Bin Saeed Al Said and Dr Hasan Sabri Al Kholi about an agreement in principle to announce the establishment of embassy-level diplomatic relations between Oman and the United Arab Republic in Cairo and Muscat
  • The agreement of the Political Resident G G Arthur with Hawley on the former maintaining his military and political functions after Hawley's appointment as Ambassador in Oman
  • The attitude of the Prime Minister Sayyed Tariq Bin Taimur to direct relations between HMG and the Sultan and its bearing on Hawley's appointment as Ambassador
  • A draft letter from Queen Victoria to the former Sultan of Muscat and Oman Saeed Bin Sultan, and countersigned by the Foreign Secretary Henry Lord Palmerston, 31 October 1840
  • The plans of Sultan Qaboos for visiting Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, and the UK. It includes plans for a courtesy call by Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Joseph Godber, A A Acland and R McGregor and a biographical note on Sultan Qaboos
  • The presentation by Hawley of his credentials to the Sultan in the presence of Sayyed Tariq; a report of the ceremony by Hawley to the Secretary of State Sir Alec Douglas-Home; and a report published in the Foreign Office's Diplomatic Report 429, 71, 2 August 1971
  • The proposed appointment of a defence attaché housed in suitable accommodation in Muscat