UK Diplomatic representation in Oman p.48

FCO 8/1693 1971 Jan 01-1971 Dec 31

Lographical Note


1. Qabus bin Said was born in 1940. His father, Said bin
Taimur, was Sultan until he was deposed in July 1970. His mother

was a Dhofari.

2. Qabus attended a small private school in England from
1958, until he entered Sandhurst in 1960. After passing out

with favourable reports in 1962, he was attached to the Cameronians

in Germany for a short period. In 1963 he again visited Britain

and was attached to Bedfordshire County Council for a short time

to study municipal administration.

After his return to the Sultanate Gabus spent the next six

years virtually confined by his father to his quarters near the

Palace in Salalah. He was given no responsibility in government

and no training for the day when he would ultimately have to

assume power. He passed much of his time listening to classical

music and to the radio.

In July 1970 he decided that it would be in the interests

of the people of Oman if he were to assume power. Following a
successful coup d'etat his father was evacuated at Qabus's

request to England for medical treatment and exile.


Qabus has not yet fully settled down to the exacting task

of running the country. He does not put sufficient effort into
administration, but this may reflect his youth and inexperience

rather than natural indolence.

A chip off the old block as far

as financial matters are concerned, he nevertheless spends much

more than his father on economic and social development.