Aluminium smelter in Trucial States

FCO 8/1778 1971 Jan 01-1971 Dec 31

This file concerns a proposal to construct an aluminium smelter in Abu Dhabi on the basis of bartering cheap oil for Jamaican bauxite. It contains minutes and correspondence on:

  • The proposal, involving the Jamaican Minister for Trade and Industry Robert Lightbourne, the Ghurair family of Dubai and General Electric Company Limited (GEC)
  • A visit to Abu Dhabi by Mr Lightbourne, with his officials Peter King and George Barar and D B Minch of Gibb Ewbank Industrial Consultants

The file also refers to:

  • The possible construction of an aluminium smelter in Jamaica
  • A proposal by Mr Lightbourne, made before the West India Committee, for the developed nations to absorb all the increase in world fuel prices