Oil affairs in Abu Dhabi

FCO 8/1941 1972 Jan 01-1972 Dec 31

This file concerns oil affairs in Abu Dhabi. It contains correspondence and copies of media reports on:

  • The establishment of the Abu Dhabi National Petroleum Company (ADNPC), including the full text of the law establishing the company
  • The possibility of BP selling part of its offshore Abu Dhabi oil concession to Deminex
  • Negotiations with Scicon for a contract with Abu Dhabi for the provision of their specialist consultancy service
  • An invitation by the Government of Abu Dhabi for bids for the construction of an oil refinery
  • Plans by the Government of Japan to conduct a hydrographic survey in the area of Mubarras [Mubarraz] island
  • The nationalisation of the Iraq Petroleum Company
  • The complaints by the Abu Dhabi Government against the Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company Limited (ADPC) regarding reductions in oil production
  • The concession obtained in Abu Dhabi by KCA Drilling
  • Demands from the Abu Dhabi Government for a new relationship with ADPC and Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Limited (ADMA)
  • The withdrawal of Dubai from the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC)