Popular Front for Liberation of Oman and the Arabian Gulf (PFLOAG)

FCO 8/2031 1973 Jan 01 - 1973 Dec 31

This file concerns the Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman and the Arabian Gulf (PFLOAG) during 1973. It contains correspondence relating to:

  • A letter bomb sent from the Black September Organization (BSO) to the Jordanian Ambassador for his 'crimes' against the Palestinians and diffused by the Sultan's Armed Forces (SAF)
  • An additional threatening letter from PFLOAG (Muscat Branch) to the Jordanian Ambassador
  • The readiness of Amir Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar to cooperate with the UAE's intelligence services in confronting the presence of PFLOAG elements based in Doha
  • The arrest of 35 members of the Union Defence Force (UDF) for alleged ties to PFLOAG, and an extract from a report in the Aden News Agency bulletin, dated 11 February 1973
  • The links between the rebels in Dhofar, the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY), the Lebanese Communist Party, Iraqi Baath Party, and Fatah and the operations of PFLOAG
  • A speech given by the former Political Director of the Communist Front Saleem Aqil Saleem, who recently joined the Government of Oman, carried by Radio Oman 19 February 1973
  • A visit by a delegation of the PFLOAG led by Mohammad Hussein to Belgrade and meetings with officials of the Socialist Alliance of Working People of Yugoslavia Dumče Belovski, Boško Šiljegovič and Veljo Milatovič
  • A copy of Saut Al Thawra: Weekly News Bulletin Issued by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman and the Arabian Gulf, apparently printed and distributed from the PDRY
  • The discovery by the Bahrain Special Branch of a PFLOAG arms cache in the wall of a house containing Soviet Union and Czech weapons apparently smuggled through Abu Dhabi
  • The apparent losses inflicted by PFLOAG fighters on British troops and mercenaries in Dhofar
  • The possibility that Cuban instructors are engaged in training the 'People's Militia' of PFLOAG
  • A request from the Middle East Department to the Information Research Department (IRD) for a paper on PFLOAG encompassing its aims, methods, personalities, and associations, with an assessment of its success and failures and a prognosis for the future
  • The allegations of torture by the President of the National Federation of Bahraini Students Ahmad Matar in a letter to the editor published in Al Seyassah daily, 13 June 1973, and a cartoon depicting Ahmad Al Khatib and Sami Al Munayyis from Al Rai Al Aam
  • A dispatch by Hussein Sheikh, allegedly from Dhofar, and printed in Al Haris, dated 22 June 1973
  • The trial of 77 members of PFLOAG at a court under the presidency of Sayyed Sultan Bin Humood and the observation of Sayyed Majed Bin Taimur Al Said at Muscat in June 1973
  • A paper on PFLOAG, including sections on military operations and counter-insurgency, PFLOAG's membership, organisation and training, plot to overthrow the government, and its foreign contacts and support
  • The celebration by the Chairman of the PDRY Presidential Council Salim Rubiyya Ali of the departure of the PDRY delegation to the World Youth Festival in East Berlin, 28 July 1973
  • The characterisation of China's policy towards the Gulf as a defensive containment strategy, and comments on Chinese aid for PFLOAG by A C Nunn of the Far Eastern Department
  • A letter of protest against the citation of PFLOAG communiques in local British newspapers
  • An article by John Bulloch proposing a link between PFLOAG and Iraq in the Daily Telegraph
  • An article by Nicholas Ashford on Oman's campaign against PFLOAG from The Times
  • The establishment of Radio of the Revolution, a PFLOAG radio station, in rebel-held areas
  • A copy of Saut Al Thawra No. 77, published at Ma'alla, 10 November 1973, and mailed directly to Lord Kennett [Wayland Hilton Young] and other UK members of Parliament