UK arms sales to Kuwait

FCO 8/2202 1974 Jan 01 - 1974 Dec 31

This file concerns arms sales from the UK to Kuwait during 1974. It contains correspondence and memoranda on:

  • An agreement between Defence Systems Limited and the Kuwaiti Government to supply Kuwait with Firebomb Fuses
  • Kuwait’s interest in Chieftain Tanks; arrangements for two to three Chieftain Tanks to be demonstrated in Kuwait in June 1974; and US attempts to sell M60 Tanks to Kuwait
  • Kuwait’s interest in air defence radars and missiles, including reference to the possible sale of Plessey Company’s AR15 mobile radar to Kuwait
  • The proposed sale of Jaguar aircrafts to the Kuwait Air Force (KAF), including reference to the British Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) readiness to begin negotiations; the main competitors of the Jaguar being French [Mirage] and US [Northdrop] aircrafts; the ‘letter of offer and acceptance’ on the purchase of Jaguar aircrafts by Kuwait from the UK; and the UK’s ‘standard terms of sale’ for Jaguar aircrafts
  • The question of what HMG’s policy should be on the sale of cluster bombs in the Middle East
  • The issue of an export licence in respect of one Sterling Patchett Sub Machine Gun for demonstration to a number of Gulf States
  • The possible sale of mine countermeasure vessels and fast patrol boats to Kuwait
  • The question of whether HMG should agree to Israeli and Jordanian requests for second-hand Centurion Tanks
  • UK-Kuwaiti discussions on Kuwait’s plans for the construction of its naval base
  • Kuwait’s interest in purchasing SRN6 hovercrafts from the British Hovercraft Corporation Limited
  • The German firm MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH’s attempts to persuade the Kuwaiti MOD that diesel ships are better than any other
  • The sale of French missiles to Kuwait
  • US attempts to sell helicopters to Kuwait for minesweeping purposes
  • The Commander in Chief of the Kuwait Armed Forces General Mubarak Al Abdulla Al Jabir Al Sabah’s visit to the UK in June 1974
  • A draft list of visitors to be invited to the UK by the Head of Defence Sales