UK arms sales to Kuwait

FCO 8/2203 1974 Jan 01 - 1974 Dec 31

This file concerns arms sales from the UK to Kuwait during 1974. It contains correspondence and memoranda on:

  • The sale of Chieftain Tanks to Kuwait; Chieftain presentations in Kuwait during August 1974; the question of whether a 110mm gun will be suitable for Centurion or Vickers Tanks; and concerns over the future of the 120mm gun used in Chieftain Tanks
  • The proposed sale of Marconi and Plessey Air defence radar equipment to Kuwait
  • Kuwait’s interest in tank transporters, helicopters, Sea Dart missiles, Jaguar aircrafts, hovercrafts and fast patrol boats; R Anderson’s visit to Kuwait between 30 September to 2 October 1974, to assist the British Aircraft Corporation in a final attempt to persuade the Kuwaitis to purchase the Jaguar aircraft; and cuttings from British and American newspapers regarding the US supplying arms to Kuwait, with mention of Kuwait purchasing American Sky Hawk aircrafts instead of Jaguars
  • The Kuwaiti government’s desire for a government-to-government oil deal with Britain, whereby Kuwait sells Britain its oil in exchange for arms
  • The Kuwait Steamship Company’s refusal to load ammunition without the guarantee that unloading the whole of the ship cargo at Abu Dhabi will be given priority
  • Technical training in the UK for members of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces
  • Brian Colquhoun and Partners' interest in the contract for the supervision of the construction of Kuwait's naval base
  • French approval for the release of information to Iran concerning the operational performance of the Martel TV system
  • The supply of fuses for Napalm bombs to Kuwait
  • Kuwait's refusal to provide Oman with military aid