Commercial and economic relations between Oman and UK

FCO 8/2227 1974 Jan 01 - 1974 Dec 31

This file concerns British commercial and economic relations between Oman and the UK. It contains correspondence on:

  • List of British companies with business interests in Oman
  • A request from Oman's police for background checks on 27 British subjects seeking employment
  • The complaints of Deputy Defence Minister Sayyed Fahar Bin Taimur Al Said and Ghassan Shakir against Airwork Services Limited
  • The removal of Peter Mason from the British Bank of the Middle East (BBME), at the request of the Sultan of Oman Qaboos Bin Saeed Al Said
  • Concern over delivery delays of Bedford trucks; the supply difficulties of the British Leyland Motor Corporation and Vauxhall
  • The activities of Cable and Wireless Limited
  • The sale by the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) of three BAC 1-11-475 aircraft, and one VC10 for the personal use of the Sultan
  • The links between Messrs Suhail and Saud Bahwan and Pye Telecommunications Limited concerning Oman’s TV network
  • The success of the German firm Demag, over Weir Westgarth Limited, in winning a contract for a desalination plant and thermal power station in the Greater Mutrah area
  • The Greater Mutrah Infrastructure project, and the state guesthouse project, being constructed by Cementation Company (Jersey) Limited
  • Power supply projects by Engineering and Power Development Consultants (EPDC), including at the Riyam and Azaiba power stations
  • The power-supply programmes of Hawker Siddeley
  • A contract for Cotex Limited to supply plastic-coated pipes
  • A contract for constructing the Midway airfield [Thumrait] and a road from Salalah
  • The contract of George Wimpey and Company Limited for the Ibri-Buraimi road
  • The roadworks supervised by Gibb Petermuller and Partners and Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners
  • A demonstration flight of Concorde, with Yahya Omar and Ghassan Shakir as passengers
  • A contract to supply navigational aids at Salalah airport for Philips over Plessey Company Limited
  • Natural gas contracts for Tesoro Petroleum Corporation and Gazocean of France
  • Crop protection appointment for Mr Mitchelson and an Egyptian
  • Soft drinks manufactured by Grampian and Treeko
  • The links between John da Silva and Iran
  • An effort by French state oil company Elf-Erap to hire helicopters for Oman
  • The refusal of entry to photographer David Henderson
  • United Nations Association (UNA) volunteers in the Saidiyah school in Salalah
  • A proposed joint venture with Darwish and Brothers producing battery hens
  • The shortage of indigenous labour, and recruitment from India and Pakistan
  • The difficulty in supplying steel and cement
  • The construction of apartment blocks
  • The enforcement by the Omani authorities of a ‘non-Israeli clause’, relating to the Arab Boycott Office
  • Investment plans of the Finance Committee, including an office block and Oman Bank headquarters in London