UK arms sales to Oman

FCO 8/2234 1974 Jan 01 - 1974 Dec 31

This file relates to the wish of Sultan Qaboos Bin Saeed Al Said to purchase sophisticated military equipment. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • Orders for surveillance, target acquisition, and night observation (STANO) equipment
  • Air defence requirements, including HMG's interest in promoting Rapier surface-to-air missiles, and consideration of the manpower requirements; HMG's wish to bar French influence; and US interest
  • Interest in aircraft, including Lightnings, Jaguars and French Mirages
  • Interest in mines and ammunition
  • The question of HMG balancing interest in promoting the sale of British manufactured equipment and giving objective advice based solely on technical aspects
  • The question of whether Charles Kendall & Partners Limited will be re-engaged as the Oman Government's purchasing agents
  • The possibility of establishing a further naval base at Bandar Jissah, an airfield at Sohar, a military township near Seeb, a para-military frontier control force, and an internal civil airline to serve north Oman
  • The Sultan's concern about the susceptibility of the eastern sector to rebel activity
  • Difficulties arranging military equipment demonstrations
  • Interest in Cymbeline mortar locating radar
  • A defence policy note by the Chiefs of Staff which concludes that it would be preferable not to supply a complete air defence system because of the manpower implications
  • A requirement for a fast patrol boat squadron and coastal craft, to support the Dhofar campaign, fishery protection, and the prevention of illegal immigration
  • The transport of Jordanian military equipment in connection with the provision of a Jordanian engineers team to Oman