Movements of Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman p.33

FCO 8/2244 1974 Jan 01 - 1974 Dec 31



Qaboos bin Said was born in 1940. His father, Said binTaimur, was Sultan until he was deposed in July 1970. Hismother was a Dhofari.
Qaboos attended a small private school in England from1958 until he entered Sandhurst in 1960. After passing outwith favourable reports in 1962, he was attached to theCameronians in Germany for a short period. In 1963, he againvisited Britain and was attached to the Suffolk County Council

for a short time to study municipal administration.
After his return to the Sultanate, Qaboos spent the next

six years virtually confined by his father to his quarters near

the Palace at Salalah.

He was given no responsibility in

government and no training for the day when he would ultimatelyhave to assume power. He passed much of his time listening toclassical music and to the radio.
In July 1970, he ousted his father in a bloodless Palacecoup. The old Sultan was evacuated at Qaboos's request toEngland and died in London in 1972.
In the first two years of his reign, Qaboos was assisted byhis uncle, Sayyid Tariq, as Prime Minister. The latter resignedin December 1971 after differences with Qaboos over the degreeto which the Sultan should delegate his authority. Qaboos isnow his own Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Defence Secretary.