Visits of Mr Balyulken, Secretary-General of Central Treaty Organisation, to member countries

FCO 8/2418 1975 Jan 01 - 1975 Dec 31

This file relates to the Secretary General of the Central Treaty Organisation (CENTO) Umit Haluk Bayulken’s visit to London in April 1975, during his annual tour of member states. It contains arrangements, programmes, correspondence and memoranda on:

  • Introductory calls on British ministers and officials
  • The opening of the CENTO Economic Conference in London
  • Letters of gratitude to the Foreign Secretary James Callaghan, and the Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs David Ennals
  • The importance of Pakistani security
  • Bayulken’s conversations with I McCluney, Ennals and M S Weir on 7 April 1975
  • A letter from R A Sykes to Weir giving feedback from his luncheon with US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Bayulken on 2 April 1975, at which they discussed topics such as the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s apprehension over developments in Afghanistan and the Baluchistan situation
  • Bayulken’s wish for a more realistic budget to enable CENTO to do more in the counter subversion field
  • Minutes from a CENTO meeting that took place on 4 March 1975
  • The text of a speech given by Ennals during a luncheon he hosted for Bayulken on 7 April 1975; and the guest list for this luncheon
  • A statement released by the Deputy Secretary General for Public Relations of CENTO Kaya G Toperi, to announce Bayulken’s visits to Washington DC, London and NATO
  • Discussions regarding Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s availability during Bayulken’s visit; and recommendations that the Prime Minister should receive Bayulken
  • Briefs in preparation for Bayulken’s visit, including: background information on CENTO; the attitudes of member countries towards CENTO; the Soviet Union’s attitude towards CENTO; the defence line of the Indian Ocean and Cyprus; particular issues that CENTO currently face; and situation reports on India-Pakistan, Iraq-Iran, Afghanistan, the Gulf and Arab-Israel
  • Discussions on CENTO’s economic programme, including Bayulken’s wish for a larger secretariat budget, and enlarged project financing
  • Personality notes on Bayulken