Oil affairs in Abu Dhabi

FCO 8/2432 1975 Jan 01 - 1975 Dec 31

This file concerns oil affairs in Abu Dhabi. It contains correspondence and media reports on:

  • The question of whether to lower oil prices, following a fall in exports and revenue and the decision of Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company Limited (ADPC) and Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Limited (ADMA) to reduce their liftings
  • Proposals for further investment in offshore schemes, including for offshore gas production
  • Relations between the government and the oil companies, and in particular the question of Abu Dhabi's future participation demands
  • Plans for the construction of an export refinery
  • Forecasts of the oil productivity capacity of various producer countries
  • The effects of the falling world demand for oil on Abu Dhabi's financial position
  • The award of the contract to manage the Abu Dhabi National Tanker Company's fleet to Denholm Ship Management Limited
  • An agreement between Bangladesh and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) for the supply of crude oil
  • The changing views of UAE Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Mana Al Otaiba
  • The possibility of the Japanese Oil Development Company Limited increasing its share of ADMA
  • Abu Dhabi's relations with the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
  • Notes on the oil companies operating in Abu Dhabi
  • The difficulties of reporting on oil affairs