Popular Front for Liberation of Oman (PFLO) p.170

FCO 8/2485 1975 Jan 01 - 1975 Dec 31


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meet the interests of the British people and be separate from
American imperialistic schemings. If the British aeroplanes'
bombs are aspects of collaboration with the USA, there are
various other aspects, commencing with the withdrawal from
"Masira' base for the Pentagon to occupy and the strong support
given to the Zionist entity (in accordance with Kissinger's
schemings and with what Harold Wilson, the British Prime Mini ster declared after the conference he had in Washington last
week that his Government is in full agreement with the American
policy in the Middle East).

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It seems, too, that a large sector of the British people have
now realised the danger of following America, and for this they
have escalated their campaign against Wilson's Government and,
amongst the participants in this campaign, are members of the
Labour Party who have asked to put an end to the British policy
involved in the Arabian Gulf and especially in Oman.

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There is no doubt that this involvement shows that Britain still
dreams of keeping her imperialistic influence in the Arab coun tries, and is ready to play an executive role in a large scale
in accordance with Washington's schemings. As if she has been
given the role of rescuing the Shah's regime in Oman, she will
surely face a very difficult position because this "rescue" will
end in failure and remain impossible not only because the real
revolutionaries cannot be conquered, but also because this
alleged prestige has been destroyed long ago by the militants
and revolutionaries of the Iranian people themselves who are
still continuing their struggle against the present agent regime
in spite of all the terror and violence imported from the American
and Zionist C.I.A.

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The regime whose prestige depends on imperialism's and American
imperialism's protection itself, cannot have any sort of prestige
anywhere. Its invading forces in Oman will experience weak
morale, disappointment and failure, and it is not possible for
the British Air Force to achieve any rescue in this respect. It
would be better for the senders of the British forces to save
their own prestige which is being brought down with American
prestige which is facing daily collapse before the strong will
of nations.