Popular Front for Liberation of Oman (PFLO) p.171

FCO 8/2485 1975 Jan 01 - 1975 Dec 31


17 Feb 75

A So many inaccurate reports about the details have been published that if we have to
start denying every one of them, I think I shall have to occupy the television screen for a
long time. Since you have asked about this report of 18 months, let me say that there is
no support for it in reality from the standpoint of the Israeli position.

Q We began the interview with the expectations which you had from this visit of
Dr Kissinger, and you, of course, went on to the part expected in his forthcoming visit.
Do you expect movement in the negotiations at that time?

A I have learned that I am not one of those to whom the gift of prophecy was given
after the destruction of the Temple. Therefore, I prefer to determine for myself towards
what end it is necessary to strive and to act. I am not sure we shall achieve this. We are
not seeking an interim settlement at any price and under any conditions. The Israeli
positions are clear today, Only a settlement that will serve Israel, promote peace, not
affect the security of Israel will be acceptable to us, Since we are talking about a meeting
which will take place within three or four weeks, there is no sense in prophesying what
will happen in it. Let us wait calmly and confidently, knowing our strength and our will,
and see what the results will be...

PFLO's Meeting with Iranian Revolutionaries

Voice of Oman Revolution, Aden, 1615 gmt 12 Feb 75

Excerpts from report:

siting Brothers, after a meeting between the PFLO and three Iranian national
organizations the following joint communique was issued:

Our Arab and Iranian peoples are waging a decisive struggle against our common
enemy, who is supported by imperialism and its allies, the reactionaries... For the
realization of their objectives the imperialist countries have prepared for closer links
between our countries and the markets of capitalism. They have made a series of plans for
implementation in Iran and Oman... In these plans some reforms are conceded while
repressive violence and the spread of terror in the ranks of the citizens are expanded in
order to bring about the neutralization of the uncommitted elements...

Our peoples soon realized the dimensions of this base and terrible design and
boldly proceeded to make decisive moves to frustrate it... quickly embarking upon the
armed struggle as the highest form of struggle and confronting reactionary violence with
organized revolutionary violence. We pledge ourselves to continue the decisive struggle
and to commit all the popular masses totally to the armed struggle... We are confident
that the masses of the Arab people in Oman and the Iranian people will rise to this sacred
historic task.

We stress that the expansionist intentions at the expense of Arab territory shown
by the agent Shah and his regime confirmed by invasion and military occupation are
actually acts of aggression committed by the agent regime solely at the instigation of its
imperialist masters in Washington and London. The Iranian masses disassociate themselves
from them. These acts should not in any manner whatsoever affect the nature of the
strong, fraternal and historic relations linking the Iranian masses and their brothers the

The aggressive war launched by the Iranian forces on 20th December 1973
against the Arab people of Oman and its recent escalation with an extensive military
offensive launched against the liberated western zone of the Dhufar region aimed at
delivering the coup de grace and expanding the area of Iranian military occupation of
Omani territory - we clearly realize that all this, together with the treason committed by