Visit by Prince Turki, Saudi Deputy Minister of Defence, to UK, 18-19 December 1975 p.2

FCO 8/2591 1975 Jan 01 - 1975 Dec 31
1 - 7 JAN 9

Mr Green

NBS 10/548]


7. His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz is visiting London
for one of the regular meetings of the Anglo/Saudi Joint Committee to
review progress on the Saudi Arabian Air Defence Scheme. The Committee
is meeting today. Mr Ennals has kindly agreed to receive Prince Turki
(who will probably be accompanied by the Minister of State without portfolio
Dr Muhammad al-Milhim and the Saudi Chargé d'Affaires, Mr Salem Ezzam) for
a call at 11.30 on 19 December. Mr Rothnie, our Ambassador in Jedda, will
be present, and Mr Kealy will be available to take a record. Since Concorde
will be discussed you may wish to ask a member of STD to be present at the

2. The call is mainly of a courtesy nature. But it provides a useful
opportunity to raise the subject of Concorde (paras 16 - 20 of the brief)
which is the priority topic on our side. I attach Speaking Notes and
background briefing on Anglo/Saudi (including SADAP) Relations; Oman/PDRY/
Saudi Arabia; Concorde; Civil Aircraft Sales; Subsonic Civil Aviation Matters
and Arab/Israel; together with personality notes on Prince Turki and
Dr Milhim.

3. The Ministry of Defence have not at this stage asked for any particular
points to be made on defence matters; we shall however provide further
briefing if necessary should the MOD change their minds in the light of
today's discussions.

4. I do not recommend that Mr Ennals should ask Prince Turki outright
about the progress of the Saudi/PDRY negotiations since there is no evidence
to suggest that he, as distinct from Prince Sultan, has been involved in
them. If, however, Prince Turki shows himself to be briefed on the negotiations
and is willing to discuss them, there is no reason why Mr Ennals should not
pursue the subject and try to probe the Saudis' latest thinking on their
relations with PDRY.

5. As Prince Turki speaks very little English, an interpreter will be
needed; this will be either an MOD interpreter or Mr Bannerman of Research

I T M Lucas
Middle East Department

18 December 1975

cc: Mr Weir (without enclosures)