Ministerial visits from the UK to Oman

FCO 8/5507 1984 Jan 01 - 1984 Dec 31

This file concerns ministerial visits to Oman. It contains arrangements, correspondence and memoranda relating to:

  • The UK Energy Secretary Peter Walker’s intention to visit Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE
  • The Sultan of Oman Qaboos Bin Saeed’s wish for the UK Defence Secretary Michael Heseltine to visit Oman; and Heseltine’s intention to visit Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Oman
  • The UK Minister for the Armed Forces John Stanley's visit to Oman. It includes an itinerary for his visit; his conversation with the Omani Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Defence Sayyed Fahr Bin Taimur; his conversation with the Omani Foreign Minister Yusif Bin Alawi Bin Abdulla; and his meeting with the Sultan
  • The Omani Minister of Petroleum and Minerals Saeed Bin Ahmad Al Shanfari’s visit to the UK
  • Anglo-Omani relations
  • Unfavourable press reports in the UK on Oman
  • UK defence sales to Oman
  • The establishment of an air exclusion zone in the Northern Gulf by Saudi Arabia
  • The US’s intention to withdraw its Seventh Carrier Battle Group from the Indian Ocean
  • The Sultan’s Armed Forces’ dependence on British loan service personnel and 'Omanisation'
  • The Iran-Iraq War
  • The Department of Trade and Industry’s suggestion that the Housing Minister Ian Gow visit Oman to support British contractors
  • A list of ministerial visits taking place in 1984.