Ministerial visits from the UK to the Gulf

FCO 8/5804 1985 Jan 01 - 1985 Dec 31

This file concerns the visits of UK ministers to the Gulf. It contains briefs, itineraries and correspondence on:

  • Schedules of ministerial visits, inward and outward, for 1985
  • Visit by the Defence Minister John Stanley to Saudi Arabia and the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR)
  • Proposed visit to Kuwait, Qatar and the YAR by the Trade Minister Paul Channon
  • Proposed visit to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE by the Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe
  • Discussions about planned visits by the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the Foreign Secretary and other minsters
  • Visit by the Prime Minister to Egypt and Jordan on 16-20 September
  • Postponement of a visit to the Gulf by the newly-appointed Minister for Defence Procurement Norman Lamont
  • Kuwait’s policy with regards the Iran-Iraq War
  • Supply of spare parts to Iran for armoured vehicles under British contracts
  • Defence relations with Oman, including contracts to supply Tornado combat aircraft and a Marconi contract for a tri-service communications system under ‘Project Hudhud’
  • Defence relations with Kuwait, including contracts for the MCV80 and Chieftain tanks
  • Arab-Israeli conflict, including reference to the Amman Agreement, 1984 on a joint Palestinian and Jordanian position
  • Saudi-UK defence collaboration
  • YAR-UK defence relations, including mine clearance operations and the survey of Yemeni waters by HMS Hydra
  • Question of self-determination for the Falkland Islands and a forthcoming UN resolution