United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Iran-Iraq War

FCO 8/5831 1985 Jan 01 - 1985 Dec 31

This file concerns the response of the UAE to the Iran-Iraq War. It contains correspondence on:

  • Views of Dr Jasim Mohammad Abdul Ghani, of the Gulf Cooperation Council, on the Iran-Iraq War
  • Request for UK assistance to remove an unexploded Iraqi missile from an oil tanker
  • Reports of Iranian attacks on Gulf shipping
  • Resignation of Adel Bishtawi as Editor-in-Chief of the Emirates News Agency (WAM)
  • Efforts by the Non-Aligned Movement to bring about progress towards a settlement between Iran and Iraq
  • Accusations that the UAE is giving covert support to Iran
  • UAE views on the Iran-Iraq War
  • Reports of the Iranian hijacking of an aircraft during an internal flight
  • Views of Mahdi Al Tajir on the possible effects of the conflict
  • Conversation between the UK Ambassador to the UAE H B Walker and the Iranian Ambassador to the UAE Mustafa Fumeini Al Haeri
  • Plans for the Head of the Foreign Affairs Department in the UAE to visit Tehran