Arab League

FCO 8/7 1967-1968

This file relates to the Arab League. It contains correspondence on:

  • Exchange of letters and telegrams on the Arab League mission sent to tour the Southern Gulf to raise funds for war victims
  • Arab League propaganda
  • Request to the British Interest Section Canadian Embassy in Cairo for visas to be waivered for the Arab League mission
  • Confirmation that an Arab League mission starts a tour of Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi to seek funds for the Palestine Students Fund
  • Nofal and his fund raising to support Palestinian students affected by the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Comments on the last Arab League council meeting by the Moroccan Ambassador
  • Nofal’s visit to Dubai
  • Nofal's success in obtaining funds to cover the needs of Palestinian students
  • Abu Dhabi’s contribution of three million dinars to the fund
  • Qatar’s inability to contribute funds directly as it is not a member of the Arab League
  • Proposed meeting of the Israel Boycott Committee in Abu Dhabi
  • Candidacy of Sayyed Abdul Aziz for the post of Secretary General of the Arab League