Labour relations

FCO 8/70 1968

This file relates to social, industrial and labour developments in the Gulf, including the subversion of labour. It contains:

  • Records of discussions on Arab labour affairs at the US Embassy, Beirut, on 5 February, 27 June, and 27 August 1968 between US Labour Attaché J P Condon and British Labour Attaché R L Morris, regarding: the reorganisation of the US Labour Attaché service; the Kuwait Labour Movement, including annexes detailing persons involved; Southern Yemen; the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU); the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU); and the International Federation of Petroleum and Chemical Workers (IFPCW)
  • Correspondence and notes on the second meeting of the Overseas Labour Consultative Committee on 2 February 1968, particularly 'Item 3 - Labour and Trade Unions in the Arab Countries of the Middle East', which includes annexes on: 'Britain's interest in the Middle East Oil Industry'; figures detailing oil production, refining, and revenues in selected Arab countries in 1966; a table detailing the nationality structure of the labour force in the oil industry in the Gulf in 1965; 'Notes on the position of the Trade Unions in the Arab States of the Middle East'; 'International Affiliations of Trade Unions in the Arab Middle East' at the end of 1965; and the structure of the ICATU
  • Correspondence concerning an Abu Dhabi request to send an observer to the annual conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO); and that Dubai might be considering applying for technical assistance
  • A 'Report on Labour, Social and Industrial Developments' in Abu Dhabi, including sections and appendices on: the commencement of labour subversion; labour legislation and administration; control of illegal immigration; wages policies; education and vocational training; industrial relations in Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company Limited and Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Limited; a note of a discussion with Sayyed Hasan Juma, a former senior civil servant in Iraq now employed by Abu Dhabi; a summary of Abu Dhabi Labour Law, 1966; an outline of Lebanese social insurance scheme; and the estimated population and employment in Abu Dhabi at February 1967
  • Morris's explanation of the framework agreed in 1967 for the annual reports produced by the Labour Attaché
  • Correspondence concerning Qatar's wish to become an associate member of the ILO
  • Record of a discussion on Arab labour affairs on 25 July between Morris and Abdul Raouf Abu Alem, the Director of the International Relations Department, United Arab Republic, Ministry of Labour
  • Record of a discussion on Arab labour affairs on 18 July between Morris, the Director of Labour in Bahrain Mr Hashlemoun, and the Vice Consul in Amman J Talhamy
  • Note of a discussion on Arab labour matters on 5 September 1968 between Morris and the Middle East representative of ICFTU Enzio Friso