Defence sales

FCO 8/739 1967-1968

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Transportation of 25,000 rounds of 7.62 calibre ammunition from Gdynia, Poland to Doha
  • Order for military supplies placed from Qatar and the involvement of Ghassan Farha
  • Negotiations between Westland Helicopters Limited, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Thani and Mohammad Mahdi Cochrane over the sale of Whirlwind helicopters
  • Sale by Tennant Trading Limited of 20,000 rounds of 9 mm ball ammunition to Qatar
  • Enquiry from Qatar for the purchase of 200 cartridges of 25 pounder blank ammunition
  • Purchase of a consignment of hunting rifles and pistols with ammunition and sights for the Ruler of Qatar Sheikh Ahmad Bin Ali Al Thani from Weatherby Incorporated
  • Enquiry from Commander of the Security Forces Qatar to Tennant Trading Limited about the price and availability of Abbot 105 mm self-propelled guns for possible supply to Qatar
  • Request for eight 0.22 rifles and ammunition for the Public Security Department Qatar
  • Enquiry from Tennant Trading about the supply of 720 grenades to Qatar
  • Meeting between Colonel Mohammad Atiyah and R Brown at the Ministry of Defence
  • Approach by Vickers Limited for the provision of battle tanks and Abbot guns to Qatar
  • Enquiry from Crown Agents about the supply of 27 Carl Gustaf anti-tank guns to Qatar
  • Enquiry from Tennant Trading about the supply of twenty 7.62 mm Bren LMGs to Qatar
  • Diversion of a consignment of Belgian-manufactured pistols destined for Iran to Qatar
  • Request from the Government of Qatar for 148,000 rounds of 0.30 Browning ammunition