Harbour development and water survey p.127

FCO 8/858 1967


23 March, 1967.


Please refer to Ann Scurfiela's letter
MID 203/290/018 of 8th March, addressed to David

2. We discussed this at length when in Dubai,
and Dick Rae and Brian Bennell went into the matter
in considerable detail.


The following are their combined comments: 
PMID 203/290/018 - Item 3(1)
This is currently being investigated by
Item 3(ii)
The existing demand is well known; the
future demand can be projected possibly
with the assistance of an economist
from the Development Division.

Item 3(iii)
It is proposed to seek advice from Weir
Westgarth about the economics of the
proposed plant, which will almost
certainly be a dual purpose installation.
Mr. Rae has had frequent contacts with
this firm during his service in the
Bahamas and knows Mr. Andrew Smith and
Mr. Stewart of this firm very well.
Item 3(iv)
This does not present any problem.
Item 3(v
Mr. Rae and an economist from Development
Division will carry this out.

In short we do not think a feasibility study
by a consulting engineer is necessary at this
stage. We should, however, be very glad if
you would arrange e visit by a senior
engineer of Weir Westgarth to enable him to
make a realistic estimate of the capital and
running costs of the plant. It is hoped that

C. R. A. Rae, Esq.,
Ministry of Overseas Development,
London, S.W.1.