Establishment of English speaking school in Dubai

FCO 8/877 1967-1968

This file relates to education in the Trucial States. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • Adequacy of the existing Trade Schools for the needs of the Trucial States in the field of technical education
  • Proposal to send secondary school leavers to the UK for teacher training
  • Recommendations and notes on education in the Trucial States, Qatar and Bahrain by John Gailer and George Mollison, including estimates of the numbers and types of schools, enrolments, and teachers for 1965-66
  • Remit for the new Director of Education in Abu Dhabi Dr Harold Spencer
  • Kuwaiti assistance for education in the Trucial States
  • Saudi Arabian educational mission, which proposes to establish a religious institute in Dubai and other Trucial States and to establish an office to arrange for further education in Saudi Arabia
  • Problems securing certificates from the University of Cambridge by Yahya Hilal Salum and Mundhir Majed Saeed
  • Proposed English Language Training Laboratory discussed at a counter subversion meeting
  • Draft articles of association, constitution and bye-laws for the International School of Dubai, which seeks to educate English speaking children in the Trucial States and the question of their legal status; and a list of 14 subscribers to the school, such as Dubai Petroleum Company Limited and Sir William Halcrow & Partners Limited