Abu Dhabi oil concessions

FCO 8/889 1967

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Petroleum concession agreement between the Ruler of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Phillips Petroleum Company, Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli (Agip) and American Independent Oil Company (Aminoil), dated 21 January 1967; and a list of Aminoil's shareholders
  • Abu Dhabi Income Tax (Amendment) Regulation, 1966, amended in connection with oil royalties
  • Objection of Aminoil and French state oil company Enterprise de recherches et d'activitiés pétrolières (ERAP) to the inclusion of a clause that allows the Ruler to establish operating limits
  • Relinquishment of 15 percent of the concession area agreed in 1966 by Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Limited (ADMA)
  • ERAP's failed efforts to secure the concession for the mainland areas of Abu Dhabi relinquished by Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company Limited (ADPC)
  • ADPC's plans for a seismic party to operate south of Liwa
  • Map produced by the Foreign Office Research Department in June 1964, illustrating the boundaries of the concession area of Continental Oil Company Limited off the coast of Qatar and Abu Dhabi, including illustration of the boundary limits of Shell and ADMA
  • Complaint by the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) that an ADPC party crossed the boundary into Saudi Arabia