Abu Dhabi oil concessions

FCO 8/890 1967

This file relates to Abu Dhabi oil concessions. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • Map illustrating the Abu Dhabi coast
  • Estimated revenues and oil production figures for Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Limited (ADMA) and Abu Dhabi Petroleum Company Limited (ADPC) between 1967-70
  • Question of the seabed boundary between Abu Dhabi and Qatar; the problem presented by the Ruler of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan's decision to invite bids for certain concession areas relinquished by ADMA; Sheikh Zayed's intention to visit Doha after Eid to discuss frontier settlement; and HMG's concern about the best way to handle the situation
  • Appreciation of Robert A Bussian of American Independent Oil Company and E L Kistler of Phillips Petroleum Company for A T Lamb's assistance in concluding a concession agreement with the Ruler of Abu Dhabi; and a correction to the wording of the agreement
  • Complaint by the Arabain American Oil Company (ARAMCO that an ADPC party crossed the boundary into Saudi Arabia
  • Map produced by the Foreign Office Research Department in March 1967, illustrating the boundaries of the concession area of Continental Oil Company Limited off the coast of Qatar and Abu Dhabi, including illustration of the limits of Shell and ADMA
  • ADPC's plans for seismic parties to operate near Liwa and Jebel Dhanna
  • ADMA's plans to drill a hole on a new location near the Sir Abu Nuair Island [Sir Abu Nu'ayr]; and technical difficulties with the first well being drilled on the Mossadej structure
  • Intention of Phillips Petroleum Company to start its seismic operations on 15 May 1967
  • ADPC operating limits
  • Maps showing where ADPC seismic parties will be operating during June and July 1967
  • Report in The Times that Abu Dhabi has joined the Arab embargo on British and US oil
  • Map illustrating the extent of the Sassan Oilfield, which gives a misleading picture of Abu Dhabi's share of the field, which is also being exploited by Iran