Jurisdiction over Iranian nationals in Qatar

FO 1016/436 1955

This file relates to the issue of jurisdiction in Qatar. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • Shell's query regarding jurisdiction over personnel on its oil rig off the coast of Qatar; and HMG’s legal advice that the Court of Qatar has criminal jurisdiction over offences under the Indian Penal Code derived from the Merchant Shipping Act 1894, but that this doesn’t cover enforcement of the Alcoholic Drinks Regulation or the Dangerous Drugs Regulation. It also includes a discussion on whether the rig could be legally defined as a ship
  • Question of the jurisdiction of courts in Qatar regarding criminal trials and whether it has any precedence over the Court of General Jurisdiction; and a minute by Judge Haines on the application of the Indian Civil Procedure Code in Muscat for comparison
  • Discussions between the Ruler of Qatar Sheikh Ali Bin Abdulla Al Thani, the Political Agency in Qatar, the Political Residency in Bahrain and the Foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan over the request of the Ruler to have jurisdiction over Iranians in Qatar; the concerns of the British Embassy in Tehran over the sensitivity of Iran to discrimination against its nationals; and the Ruler's acceptance of the exemption of Iranians directly employed by HMG. It includes signed Arabic and English copies of The Qatar (Jurisdiction over Iranian Nationals) Regulation 1955
  • Question of the new Qatar Criminal Procedure Rules and its effect on the activities of the Qatar State Police