Local Defence Committee (Persian Gulf): minutes of meetings 49-57

FO 1016/483 1956

This file relates to the Persian Gulf Local Defence Committee, and contains correspondence on:

  • Intervention in Kuwait
  • Situation in Bahrain
  • Intervention in Qatar
  • Long term disposition of forces in the Gulf
  • Base facilities for the US Navy
  • Kuwait situation and the circumstances in which intervention might become necessary
  • Future movements of troops and HM ships
  • Redeployment of troops
  • Measures to deny use of the Kuwait civil airport
  • Number of battalions available to the Commander of the British Forces Aden Protectorate (BFAP)
  • Possible redeployment of troops now in Bahrain
  • Long term requirements for army accommodation in the Gulf
  • Availability of landing craft
  • Availability of British troops for reinforcement of the Gulf area
  • New Year's Day reception at the Political Residency
  • Revised evacuation plan for European and American inhabitants of Kuwait City
  • Reduction of land and naval forces in the Gulf
  • Redeployment of British forces from the Gulf
  • Future need for British troops in the Gulf area and the accommodation required