Qatar air agreement

FO 1016/60 1949 Apr 9-1950 Sept 6

This file relates to the negotiation of a civil air agreement for Qatar. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • W R Hay’s worries communicated to B A B Burrows about the lack of an air agreement for Qatar
  • Guidance suggested on the approach A J Wilton should take from his report on the possibility of the Ruler of Qatar Sheikh Ali Bin Abdulla Al Thani bringing in advisors from Syria and the influence of the Darwish family over him. It also includes the action decreed by Hay to combat this that R Cochrane can check arrivals by sea at Doha and Zakrit [Zekreet], but that to check arrivals by air requires an air agreement
  • Control of the airstrips at Dukhan and Umm Said [Mesaieed] by Petroleum Concessions Limited (PCL); an incident where Abdulla Darwish Fakhroo landed without PCL permission in a flight chartered by Bosworth [Gulf Aviation Company] and the resulting problem of issuing landing permission between PCL and the Ruler
  • Negotiation of the civil air agreement, including a letter from J F Slater to Miss D E Brown of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the proposed form of the agreement
  • Discussions on Boswell's use of the oil company's landing strips in Qatar