Military operations in central Oman

FO 1016/629 1958

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • A report by the Interior Minister Sayyed Ahmad Bin Ibrahim to the Sultan of Muscat Saeed Bin Taimur that the Imam of Oman Ghalib Bin Ali Al Hina'i and his brother Taleb Bin Ali Al Hina'i have relocated to the north side of Jebel Akhdar and that Taleb has told Sheikh Sulaiman Bin Himyar Al Nabhani of his intention to travel to Dammam for assistance; and a letter received by Sultan Saeed apparently confirming the presence of both Mohammad Abdulla Salmi and Sheikh Saleh Bin Isa Al Harithi at Dammam in Saudi Arabia
  • The continuation of air attacks by Venom aircraft against targets in Kamah and Nizwa-Izki; 'Air Action against Rebel Held Positions on Kamah Route up Jabal Akhdar after 16 April 1958'
  • The plans for the attachment of Royal Marines officers to the Muscat Armed Forces (MAF)
  • The interrogation of the ex-Imamate soldier Hilal Bin Yahya Al Hina'i by Major R J Isaac
  • The death of Corporal A F Hedges of the Northern Frontier Regiment in action above Nizwa
  • The increased intensity of operations against the fighters remaining at Jebel Akhdar through the provision of junior officers for the MAF, increased air support and the temporary deployment of a squadron of Trucial Oman Scouts (TOS) to Izki
  • The ban placed by Sayyed Tariq Bin Taimur on the interrogation of non-combatants
  • The interrogation of a former employee at the US Air Force base in Dhahran by Major Isaac
  • 'Reports of the Traffic between the Trucial Coast and the Jebel Akhdar' from Dhank and Ibri; and a proposal for the appointment of a field intelligence officer for land and sea operations
  • A meeting of the Military Co-ordination Committee (Persian Gulf) convened 6 May 1958
  • A letter from Sir B A B Burrows to Major F C L Chauncy, dated from Bahrain, 10 May 1958
  • A letter from Imam Ghalib, Hamood Bin Saleh Al Habsi and Hamad Bin Saleh Al Habsi to the governor agents of Birkat Al Mawz Mohammad Bin Saeed and that of Izki Mohammad Bin Saif
  • 'Air Action against Water Systems and Cultivated Areas on the Jabal Akhdar', 19 May 1958.