Political situation in Oman

FO 1016/654 1958

This file concerns the conflict between the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman and the Imamate of Oman. It contains correspondence, mainly telegrams and memoranda, on:

  • The Wadi Bani Habeeb [Wadi Bani Habib] Operation and the reasons for its failure
  • The state of the supplies and equipment of the troops in Nizwa
  • A report that a letter has been sent from the Imam of Oman Ghalib Bin Ali Al Hina'i to Saeed Bin Sultan Al Rahbi the Sheikh of Rahbiyin ordering him to provide men for rebel attacks on Bait al Falaj [Bayt Al Falaj]
  • A report regarding six tribesmen who are alleged to be making regular visits up to Jebel Akhdar and efforts to strengthen the blockade around the mountain
  • The need for the Trucial Oman Scouts (TOS) to follow the direction of the Sultan's Minister of the Interior Sayyed Ahmad Bin Ibrahim
  • An increase in mine attacks, particularly on the Samail road used by the oil company and the actions and equipment required for dealing with this
  • Possible talks with Omani rebels, including Sheikh Sulaiman Bin Himyar Al Nabhani
  • Concerns that British military involvement needs to be limited in order to avoid international criticism
  • The death of a TOS officer during a patrol in the Wadi Muti
  • The movements of Taleb Bin Ali Al Hinai'i, who is reportedly preparing to leave Jebel Akhdar
  • RAF attacks on the tracks leading up Jebel Akhdar
  • An account of a discussion with Sayyed Tariq Bin Taimur regarding organising friendly tribes to better assist the Sultan's cause
  • A notice, and an English translation, from the Imam warning of the consequences for those who oppose him
  • Accounts of discussions with the Sultan of Muscat and Oman Saeed Bin Taimur and the Sultan's Minister of the Interior Sayyed Ahmad Bin Ibrahim regarding the progress of the war and future strategies, in particular the question of whether to offer terms to the rebels
  • A note on a proposal for the provision of armed police and an organisation to prevent smuggling for the Sultanate with estimates of costs
  • A translation of a pamphlet from the Office of the Imamate of Oman in Cairo giving advice and instructions on guerilla warfare
  • An offer by the Ruler of Sharjah Sheikh Saqr Bin Sultan Al Qasimi to negotiate a settlement between the Sultan and the rebels.