Qatar: air agreement

FO 1016/70 1950 Dec 6-1951 Dec 27

This file relates to aviation in Qatar. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • Proposed exchange of letter between HMG and the Ruler of Qatar Sheikh Ali Bin Abdulla Al Thani with mention of the Convention on International Civil Aviation in Chicago 1944
  • C J Pelly’s notification to B H Lermitte of Petroleum Concessions Limited (PCL) of the air agreement
  • W R Hay’s update to the Foreign Secretary on the air agreement
  • Discussion involving the Civil Air Attaché B G Barnard and L A G Pinhey on the difficulty of persuading PCL to allow the Gulf Aviation Company Limited the use of its airstrip at Doha, because of the unsuitable condition of the airstrip Gulf Aviation had previously used; the ceasing of use of the ex-RAF strip by Gulf Aviation after a minor accident and the subsequent halt of all their flights from Bahrain to Qatar; the construction of a new airstrip and the question of its funding, in consultation with the Ministry of Civil Aviation; a meeting between the oil companies and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC); the agreement of PCL that Gulf Aviation may use its airstrip in the interim period; and a survey of the area around Doha for a suitable site for the airstrip
  • Barnard’s outline to the Airport Commandant Bahrain B B Jupp of the problems with radio communication with aircraft landing in Qatar
  • J F Slater’s consideration of the categories of aircraft using the airstrips in Qatar; and C M Le Quesne’s reply that the main consideration is which airstrip will be made the main airport of Qatar and the subsequent arrangements for its upkeep