Treaty for return of Kuria Muria Islands by UK to Muscat and Oman (Post-treaty)

FO 1016/772 1967 Jan 01 - 1967 Dec 31

This file relates to the return of sovereignty over the Kuria Maria [Khuriya Muriya] Islands to the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman and the opposition of the People's Republic of South Yemen. It contains:

  • Copy of the Treaty of Cession between Her Britannic Majesty and the Sultan of Muscat and Oman and a report from R S Crawford concerning the background and handover
  • Report by N A Marshall on his visit to the islands and his talks with the headman Saeed Bin Mohammad to confirm the wishes of the islanders
  • Final message of the islanders to the Queen and her difficulties in replying
  • Correspondence expressing a hope from HMG that the transfer will go unnoticed for as long as possible, and the reports broadcast on Voice of the Arabs of 2 and 3 December 1967
  • Opposition to the proposed handover expressed by the National Liberation Front (NLF) delegation in Geneva, discussion between the British delegation and Qahtan Mohammad Al Shaabi and his subsequent declaration, after becoming President of South Yemen, opposing the transfer
  • Letter of protest from Saif Ahmad Dhalee to the UN Secretary General U Thant over the transfer
  • Reports that armed dhows and the vessel Al Ghazal were to be sent to the islands by South Yemen
  • Assessment of the military threat posed by South Yemen to the islands and the opposition of the Political Resident in the Persian Gulf to any involvement by HM forces
  • Ambitions of the Sultan of Muscat and Oman Saeed Bin Taimur to create a navy and his order to send a party to the islands to prepare an airstrip

The file also contains a copy of the agreement reached between the British and NLF delegations in Geneva concerning independence for South Yemen.