RAF staging posts in Muscat and Oman: threats to RAF Salalah

FO 1016/803 1968 Jan 01 - 1969 Dec 31

This file relates to RAF staging posts in the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman and threats to RAF Salalah. It includes correspondence concerning:

  • Commander of British Land Forces Gulf's (CBFG) desire to withdraw the RAF from Salalah for financial reasons
  • Current lease agreements for Salalah and Masirah airfields
  • Threat to Salalah and the consequences of RAF withdrawal
  • Minutes of the fourth meeting of the Military Coordination Committee (Persian Gulf)
  • HMG's policy on the provision of military aid
  • Potential withdrawal of the RAF from Salalah and the nature of this withdrawal
  • Air Force Board policy for Masirah
  • HMG's strategy relating to the transference of responsibility for aspects of the airfield at Salalah to the Sultan of Muscat and Oman Saeed Bin Taimur
  • Report by Colonel Birkett on his visit to the Gulf
  • The Sultan's attitude to the employment of Adenis at Masirah
  • Report from the Ministry of Defence Chief of Staff Committee on the future of the RAF station at Salalah
  • Opening of HMG negotiations with the Sultan on the future of Salalah with the aim of securing RAF withdrawal