Desire of Muscat to receive technical assistance from the WHO in order to combat malaria. Code EA file 1797

FO 371/104435 1953

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Muscat's desire to join the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is suggested Dr Moody’s successor should pay a visit to Muscat to evaluate the kind of health assistance they need and that the Food and Agriculture Organisation might carry out the hydrographic survey (1)
  • Muscat's desire to receive technical assistance from WHO; Muscat would probably belong to the Eastern Mediterranean region (2)
  • Possibility that the Sultan of Muscat and Oman Saeed Bin Taimur may not be prepared to join WHO or the Food and Agriculture Organisation, pay the local costs of any scheme of technical assistance, or pay a firm of consultants to make a hydrographic survey (3)
  • Discussion on technical assistance to Muscat. It is considered that the two who could give most help would be the agricultural and short term health advisors (4)