Political relations between States in Persian Gulf and Iran

FO 371/126909 1957

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Report of a hunting trip to Iran made by the Regent of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum (1)
  • Report on the effects in Iran of the uprising in Oman and Iranian efforts to establish closer relations with the Gulf States (2)
  • Suggestion that Iran and the UK should form a common policy in order to prevent the growth of Egyptian and Saudi Arabian influence in the Gulf (3)
  • Sheikh Rashid's recent trip to Tehran and its implications for Dubai-Iran relations (4, 7-8)
  • Iranian Government's unhappiness at an article in The Times [enclosed] that asserted that the Gulf should be viewed as part of the Arab world (5-6)
  • Proposals for Anglo-Iranian talks about the Gulf (9-10)
  • Problems prior to the start of the Anglo-Iranian talks, as a result of British demands that Iran should evacuate the Farsi Island and the refusal to consider either the Iranian claim to Bahrain or the Iranian request for consular representation in Kuwait (11)
  • Account of a discussion between HM Chargé d'Affaires J W Russell and the Iranian Minister for Foreign Affairs regarding the Anglo-Iranian talks on the Gulf (12)
  • Need to inform the Rulers of the Gulf States prior to the start of the Anglo-Iranian talks (13)
  • Decision not to go ahead with formal Anglo-Iranian talks (14)
  • Intention of the Shah of Iran to invite the Ruler of Kuwait to visit Iran (15)
  • Summary of events concerning the aborted Anglo-Iranian talks on the Gulf (16)
  • Summaries of discussions with the Shah of Iran and the Iranian Foreign Minister, particularly regarding the Iranian claim to Bahrain (17, 19)
  • Preparations for the visit of the Ruler of Kuwait Sheikh Abdulla Al Salem Al Sabah to Iran (18, 20)
  • Decision in light of the reassertion of the Iranian claim to Bahrain not to continue pursuing talks with Iran on the topic of the Gulf (21)