Labour and workers' compensation in Trucial States p.22

FO 371/127013 1957
Meeting held at the POLITICAL AGENCY, DUBAI,

on October 17, 1927. to discuss
the introduction of Workmen's Compensation

legislation in the Trucial States.


Mr. Adams - Acting Political Agent.

Hussain Abdul Rahman - representing Khan Sahib (Contractor

Mr. Brown - Gray, Mackenzie Ltd.
Mr. Hillyard - Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Ltd.
Mr. Jack - B.P. (Trading) Ltà. ,

Mr. King - British Bank of the Middle East.

Mr. Marshall - First Secretary (Labour),

Political Residency, Bahrain.

Apologies for absence were received from:

Mr. Hodge - International Aeradio lta.
Mr. Kirkbride - P.D. (T.C.) Ltd.

Others who were invited but who did not attend the meeting


Abdul Ghufur Awazi.

Rais Hassan.

Mr. Davis - Air Ministry Directorate of Works.
Golden Valley Colours Ltd.

1. The meeting began at 10 a.m. Mr. Adams explained the
reason for calling the meeting and the purpose of it. Abu
Dhabi Marine Areas had tried to negotiate a workmen's
compensation agreement with Shaikh Shakhbut, the Ruler of
Abu Dhabi, in readiness for the commencement of the Company's
operations on and around Das Island, so that disputes arising
out of the payment of compensation to men who had been injured
at work might be avoided and good relations with the Ruler
maintained. The Political Agent and the Political Resident
thought it preferable, however, to legislate for workmen's
compensation rather than have individual agreements between
employers and Rulers. An individual agreement between Abu
Dhabi Marine Areas and Shaikh Shakhout might subsequently
embarrass employers elsewhere in the Trucial States. The
Political Agent and the Political Resident thought that if
there was to be any kind of workmen's compensation scheme it
would be best if it were a uniform one in the various States
and if it were achieved by legislation and were applicable