UK policy towards Muscat and Oman

FO 371/132782 1958

This file relates to negotiations between the Under-Secretary of State for War Julian Amery and the Sultan of Muscat and Oman Saeed Bin Taimur, resulting in a provisional Agreed Minute, which aimed to:

  • Secure the Sultan's support for measures designed to end the insurrection in Jebel Akhdar without major British intervention
  • Persuade the Sultan to accept certain military, administrative, and civil development reforms in order to strengthen the Sultan against insurrection from within and subversion from without
  • Secure long-term facilities for the RAF at Masirah and Salalah
  • Secure a settlement of the Gwadur [Gwadar] dispute
  • Discuss with the Sultan how relations between Muscat and Saudi Arabia might be improved (26-33)

This file also contains records of meetings and correspondence relating to:

  • The Sultan's subsequent visit to the UK for six weeks from 26 May, in which they sought to conclude a final agreement (34-37, 39-45)
  • Suggestion that when an agreement has been concluded, leaflets incorporating a suitable statement [draft enclosed] be dropped on Jebel Akhdar and other areas of the Sultanate. It also includes a draft Agreed Minute (38)