Relations between rulers of Trucial States and Petroleum Development Trucial Coast Company. Code BA file 1531 (papers 1 to 11)

FO 371/140223 1959

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Ruler of Sharjah Sheikh Saqr Bin Sultan Al Qasimi's desire that Petroleum Development (Trucial Coast) (PDTC) should give up its oil concession in any undisputed Sharjah territory. It also contains a memo describing and two maps illustrating Sharjah's boundaries (1, 3)
  • Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum's relationship with PDTC, given the uncertainty as to whether they can or cannot find oil. It also discusses Sheikh Rashid's travel plans after leaving London, including his intention to visit Cairo (6)
  • Notice given to the Ruler of Fujairah Sheikh Mohammad Bin Hamad Al Sharqi that PDTC intend to terminate its concession with him on 17 August 1959. The British consider whether UK companies should be given preference for future concessions in the Trucial States (7-8)
  • PDTC's willingness to relinquish part of its concession in Ras Al Khaimah and descriptions of the Shihuh and Aswad areas where the frontiers are not settled (9)
  • PDTC's agreement [enclosed] with Sheikh Saqr to relinquish its concession in undisputed Sharjah territory (10-11)