Commercial relations between countries of Arabia and UK p.111

FO 371/149025 1960

Please refer to 11. tson's letter moly/121 of
September 16 about an Accountant for the Defence Departuent
in Iluscat.

2. The following is an extract from a letter of
October 16 from Colonel Waterfield to our Consul General
in Muscats 
*2. The Colonial office, (overseas Services
Resettlement Bureau) has sent me the name of a man
who may be suitable. Tie is
Mr. Bernara Sinclair Carter,
Faster Town,


He is 41, presentable in appearance with
intelligence above the average and an enquiring wind.
lie is a BA (IIistory London) and took economics as a
subsidiary subject. He is married but prepared to
Leave his family in UK.

4. Since 1991 he has worked in Colonial Audit
posts in Uganda, Tanganyika and Malaya from which
he retired on llalayan Independence. Since then he
has worked temporarily for the Colonial Office in the
Folleland Islands.

5. During the war he had comissioned service in
the Royal Artillery.
6. He sounds to be a suitable chap for Accountant
ollicer here, and may be worth considering if the War
office has aifficulty in finding a suitable man.

7. Perhaps you may like to mention this to the
Foreign office, who if they see fit could ask the
Var Office to interview hin."

Captain T.A. Boad,