Military exercises and patrols in Muscat and Oman

FO 371/156793 1961

This file relates to military exercises in Oman. It contains correspondence relating to:

  • Details of the planned exercises MUSCEX 14,15 and 16 and an amphibious exercise (22)
  • Report in Al Ahram and other Cairo press that British forces in Oman are being reinforced and of a mine incident (23)
  • Report on recent and current exercises and a forecast of exercises planned for March 1961 (24)
  • Incident in Oman at Ibri (25)
  • Discussion of a report in Al Alam, a Moroccan newspaper, containing allegations of an incident on 24 March 1961 and the movements of British troops (26)
  • Report on Voice of the Arabs on 1 April 1961 on a time bomb explosion on a British ship, with conjecture about connections to the MV Dara explosion (27)
  • Bomb explosion on the SS Waingapoe on 23 March 1961 and that it is more likely to be the incident referred to on Voice of the Arabs (28)
  • Investigation of the possible connection between Omani rebels and the Dara explosion, with the passenger list to be investigated (29)
  • Mine detonation at Tawi Al Husn which killed a camel; a report on other incidents in the region (30)
  • Discussion on OMEX 28 and the difficulties of such an exercise with restrictions on timing and scale (31)
  • Incident at Nizwa on 13 April 1961 (32)
  • Information about the SS Waingapoe and the explosion (33)
  • Voice of the Arabs reports of battles and violence in Oman, with a note that they are fictitious and can be denied (34)
  • Reports on incidents in Oman at Nizwa and Rumais (35)
  • Incident at Nizwa on 14 April 1961 (36)
  • Proposed UK military exercise in Oman involving the landing of No. 42 Commando from HMS Bulwark; a decision that the exercise will not go ahead in 1961 (37-38)
  • Information about Operations OMEX 26 and OMEX 27 (39-40)