Economic development

FO 371/157025 1961

This file relates to economic development in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It covers correspondence on:

  • Details of some bills for projects started under the Trucial States Development Scheme (TSDS) in 1960-61 which were not presented or settled by the end of the financial year (17)
  • Instruction, number 36, by the Trucial States Agency on the TSDS accounting system [enclosed] (18)
  • Concerns from Political Agent in Dubai D F Hawley about a delay in the approval of capital expenditure items the TSDS budget, and a request for immediate approval of the proposed capital expenditure for the Dubai branch of the Trade School (19)
  • Possibility of extending the Crown Agents' activities to Abu Dhabi and literature on the Crown Agents for Mr Lienhardt, the secretary for the Ruler of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Shakhbut Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (20)
  • Agreement between the Contracting and Trading Company (CAT Company) and the Ruler of Abu Dhabi [copy enclosed], including the observation that a clause was slipped in and a record of a meeting between Mr Ridehalgh of Sir William Halcrow and Partners and Sheikh Shakhbut (21, 29)
  • Participation of Richard Costain Limited in development at Abu Dhabi. It includes visits of Mr Parrett and Mr Loveday of the company and discussions around credit arrangements, such as the suggestion of using oil revenues for this purpose (16, 22, 25)
  • Comments from Hawley regarding the authorisation of changes to expenditure within the Trucial States development budget (23)
  • Participation of Sir William Halcrow and Partners in development in Abu Dhabi, including a tentative preliminary programme and discussions with the Ruler regarding financial arrangements, with Lienhardt suggesting raising loans from oil companies (24, 28)
  • Participation of Sir William Halcrow and Partners in development in Dubai, including work on the Dubai Harbour Improvements Scheme and Mr Ridehalgh's (of Halcrow's) annoyance at the Development Division's interference with the project (26)
  • Fiscussion between Mr Ford of the Finance Department, A T Lamb of the Arabian Department and Mr Whitbread of the Treasury on 14 June 1961, regarding the TSDS programme for 1961-1966 and the 1961-62 budget (27)
  • Lienhardt's suggestion of setting up a Public Works Department for Abu Dhabi (28)
  • Plans for the Economic Secretary at the Political Residency in the Persian Gulf J P Tripp to meet with Hawley in the Trucial States to review Abu Dhabi's financial resources and development problems (30)