Agreement on airport boundaries with ruler of Sharjah

FO 371/157046 1961

This file relates to Sharjah airfield. It contains correspondence relating to:

  • Note from one of the principal contractors of the Trucial States Ali Haji Abdulla Awazi (1)
  • Royalty payments by Richard Costain (ME) Limited to the Ruler of Sharjah, Sheikh Saqr Bin Sultan Al Qasimi for stone for the new Sharjah runway and the reasons for HMG not paying them; the Ruler of Sharjah’s electricity allowance; the Air Ministry Works Department’s suggestion of a written agreement with the Ruler of Sharjah and the Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum; a copy of an exchange with Bahrain customs as an example (2-3)
  • Possible withdrawal of the Ministry of Aviation from Sharjah Airfield due to rising costs of the arrangement with International Air Radio Limited, with the RAF taking over sole control (4)
  • Royalty payments and precedents set in Germany, the UK, Jordan and Iraq; a customs exemption for imported materials; the obtaining of written confirmation from the Rulers of Dubai and Sharjah that customs exemption for HMG will continue (5-6)
  • Exchange of notes with the Ruler of Sharjah concerning the revision of boundaries of the area referred to in the 1960 Air Agreement (7)
  • Building contract at Sharjah being let to Richard Costain Limited; a discussion on supply of stone; a discussion on the avoidance of customs duty and royalties, with no approach to be made to the Ruler of Sharjah without further reference to the Air Ministry (8-9)
  • Submission of bills by the RAF; the question of increases to the Ruler of Sharjah’s electricity and telegraph allowances (10-12)