Commercial relations UK

FO 371/163041 1962

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Interest of T G Mapplebeck & Company in construction projects in Abu Dhabi and the appointment of a purchasing agent for the Ruler Sheikh Shakhbut Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1)
  • Clarification of the status of Charles Kendall & Partners Limited in the Trucial States (2)
  • Interest of Tracey Blagden Limited in operating as purchasing agents for the Trucial States. It includes a formal letter to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Sir Alec Douglas-Home to register the company's interest and the response by the Foreign Office (3)
  • Letter from the Board of Trade to Arnhold Trading Company Limited on trade with Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the visit by the consultant R A Wright to the Trucial States (4)
  • Expression of interest by the Crown Agents in extending its services to Abu Dhabi (5)
  • Proposal for the Political Agent in Abu Dhabi Colonel J E H Boustead to meet with heads of commercial firms while on leave to provide briefings and discuss future possibilities (6)
  • Questionable service provided by the Land Rover agent A A Zayani in Abu Dhabi and the recommendation for an investigation to be carried out by Rover Company Limited (7)
  • Difficulties of British companies with local agents in Abu Dhabi and the conversation between W P Cranston, Boustead, Sheikh Shakhbut and the Arab Commercial Assistant (8)
  • Approval of the Development Plan for Abu Dhabi and the operation of British companies (9)
  • Proposal by Thomas & Son to contact the Ruler of Sharjah Sheikh Saqr Bin Sultan Al Qasimi at his request to discuss the use of windmill pumping equipment (10)
  • Summary of the commercial and economic meeting at Abu Dhabi on 11 June 1962 (11)
  • Recovery of Al Sulaimani Store's deposit from A C Faulkner (Overseas) Limited. It includes letters from Al Sulaimani to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Justice and earlier exchanges about the order from Al Sulaimani to A C Faulkner (12)
  • Accusation against African & Eastern (Near East) Limited of seeking a monopoly in Abu Dhabi and the need for an Arab assistant to preserve the company's reputation (13, 17)
  • Suitability of C Tennant & Sons & Company as agents rather than Crown Agents. It includes a letter from C S Denman to R B Stevens and a response from R S Crawford (14)
  • Request for assistance by the Political Agent in Dubai A J M Craig for Hadj Ali Abdulla Awazi and Abdulla Hadji Kamber, two of the leading merchants in Dubai. It includes a letter from W F Crawford of the Middle East Association to offer assistance and a request for assistance by Craig for Saif Bin Al Ghurair and Majed Bin Al Ghurair (15-16)
  • Application by Kendall & Partners to the Ruler's Personal Advisor W T Clark to be considered for the appointment as purchasing agent for the Sheikhdom of Abu Dhabi in the UK. It includes memoranda on the company's constitution, location, business and departments, the circumstances currently prevailing and plans for the representation of Abu Dhabi (18)
  • Request by the Financial Advisor to the Ruler of Dubai W R Duff on information relating to the organisation External Development Services (EDS) associated with J J Thorpe MP; and a letter from T Grenville Jones of EDS to A T Lamb of the Arabian Department. It includes: introductory notes on the organisation and 'Profiles of Partners and UK Associates'; and a letter from Grenville Jones on the negotiations between EDS and the Government of Dubai (19-20)
  • Request for information on Musa Majed Alawi's standing with Sheikh Shakhbut (21)
  • Offer by Sir William Halcrow & Partners Limited to the Ruler of Abu Dhabi (22)
  • Expression of interest by African and Eastern (NE) in extending its operations to Buraimi and plans by the Ottoman Bank and the Eastern Bank to open branches there (23)
  • Proposal from Thomas Robinson & Son Limited for the construction of flour mills in Dubai (24)
  • Meeting between C J M Blackie of Medway Building and Supplies Limited and D G Crawford and a request by the latter for an up-to-date account on the activities of Wright (25)