FO 371/163068 1962

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Dubai Rates Ordinance and agreement to I S Winchester sounding out the Director of Dubai Municipality. It includes minutes by Sir John Whyatt on articles in the Rates Ordinance (1)
  • Ruler of Qatar Sheikh Ahmad Bin Ali Al Thani's offer to the Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum to assist the latter in the appointment of a financial advisor; Sir John Whyatt's proposal of the candidature of Dr Mohammad Khalil of Shell (Qatar) for the post, in part to limit the influence of Dr Hasan Kamel and Egypt in Dubai; a copy of Khalil's academic, professional and publishing curriculum vitae; Khalil's visit to Dubai, his interview with Sheikh Rashid and decision not to accept the post (2-3)
  • Administrative division of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the emergence of the latter as an independent Political Agency and attendant questions about jurisdiction in the Trucial States; the likelihood of having to amend the relevant articles of the Trucial States Order, 1959; Sir John Whyatt's memorandum on the legal framework required for jurisdiction in Abu Dhabi; A J M Craig's solution to the problem of jurisdiction with a long-term view to federation (4-5)
  • Trial of a Pakistani national in Sharjah and Craig's complaint to the Acting Ruler Sheikh Saif (6)