FO 371/163071 1962

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • Views on the adequacy of Al Maktoum Hospital in Dubai, particularly in connection with building improvements. Owing to restricted funds, J P Tripp questions the idea of using a firm of consulting engineers and an architect (1)
  • Request for details of sums paid and still due to the Crown Agents for drugs under the Trucial States Development Scheme (TSDS) for 1961-62 (2)
  • Granting of authority to purchase drugs for Al Maktoum Hospital direct from the manufacturers rather than the Crown Agents, due to urgency (3)
  • Impossibility of obtaining a free, second-hand generator for Ras Al Khaimah Hospital from Dubai Hospital. Authority is granted to purchase one locally (4)
  • Dubai Political Agent A J M Craig's request for documents/plans to help organise Dubai Hospital on more systemic lines, and a reply by P W Dill-Russell of the Department of Technical Cooperation providing an outline of the general duties of medical staff in a hospital (6-7)
  • Craig's views on the trouble encountered with building the new female ward for Al Maktoum Hospital. He blames Sir William Halcrow & Partners (7)
  • Preparations to build a new hospital in Sharjah financed by Dr Abdussalam Mohammad Saeed (8) Craig's suggestion that savings under the TSDS should be used to meet the additional cost of Ras Al Khaimah Hospital. The Foreign Office explains that this is complicated by the need for Treasury authority. Consequently, a new sub-head is created in the TSDS budget (9, 11)
  • Annual report and returns for Al Maktoum Hospital for 1961 (10)