Foreign oil companies in Kuwait and Neutral Zone

FO 371/168778 1963

This file relates to foreign oil companies in Kuwait and the Neutral Zone. It contains correspondence on:

  • Monthly production figures for the American Independent Oil Company (Aminoil) in Kuwait in 1962-63 [enclosed] (1)
  • Further information about the Arabian Oil Company Limited (Japan) installation at Ras Al Khafji and annual reports, illustrated brochures and maps (2)
  • Press cutting of an article from the Financial Times reporting a complaint by Getty Oil Company that the Arabian Oil Company (Japan) has infringed its Neutral Zone concession rights [enclosed] (3)
  • Foiled attempt by Getty to move a rig near the boundary between Kuwait and the Neutral Zone (4)
  • Latest developments on the problems in the Kuwait-Saudi Neutral Zone (5)
  • Possible renewal of negotiations over concessions held in the Neutral Zone (6)
  • Minutes from a meeting between the Saudi Minister of Labour and Social Affairs and the Getty Oil Company, including an agreement for an increase in the Saudi sway in the Neutral Zone, related correspondence; and correspondence on the internment of a Kuwait Air Force pilot in the Neutral Zone (7)
  • Kuwait's effort to resolve the seabed boundary issue with Saudi Arabia (8)
  • Oil strike by Aminoil and Getty at South Fuwaris (9)
  • Expulsion of Michael Harford of Getty Oil from the Neutral Zone and the possibility of the Saudis replacing the administration in the Neutral Zone (10, 15)
  • Reports on visits to the Wafra oilfields and Mina Saud by Vice-Consul at Mina Al Ahmadi P T Gardner [enclosed]; the hopes of Aminoil to start operations on the islands of Qaru and Umm Al Maradim; and the possibility of a meeting between the Governments of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to discuss the Neutral Zone demarcations (11-12)
  • Report on oil-flow tests at Rimal (13)
  • Progress and delays in the Neutral Zone boundary negotiations between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (14, 18)
  • Position of the Shell Company in Kuwait (16)
  • Getty Oil Company's 1962 annual report (17)
  • Systematic survey of the Neutral Zone concession by Aiminoil (19)
  • Arabian Oil Company's annual report for 1962 (20)