Internal political situation

FO 371/174552 1964

This file contains correspondence relating to:

  • A tour of Sharqiya in Oman by Consul General J S R Duncan and the Political Resident. Duncan discusses its historical domination by the Al Harithi family and their relations with Sultan Saeed Bin Taimur. The Sultan of Oman supports Sheikh Ahmad Bin Mohammad Al Harithi as the paramount Sheikh and believes his son, Sheikh Qaboos Bin Saeed should marry a girl from Sharqiya (1)
  • The de Ribbing Report and the question of Britain proposing an election for an Imam in order to thwart Ghalib Bin Ali Bin Hilal Alhinai (2)
  • The security situation in Masirah. After two armed holdups of vehicles belonging to the construction company Costains, the Sultan offered to personally warn Sheikh Khamis (the Sheikh of the island) and Abdul Rahman. He said he would also arrange for Mohammad Saeed (described as a Kuwaiti troublemaker) to be arrested. Duncan suggests a senior RAF security officer visit Masirah to provide a professional assessment of the security needs (3)
  • M S Buckmaster's report on the main tribes in north-west Oman, including the Beni Kaab and the return of Sheikh Abdulla Bin Saleem, the Naim, the Al Bu Shamis, the Beni Qitab, the Duru and the Beni Hinna. Buckmaster suggests the Sultan should be urged to do more for the tribes in this area (4)
  • The security situation at Masirah, where more thefts have occurred at the RAF station (5)
  • The general situation in Oman, which is mainly quiet except for incidents involving armed gangs in Dhofar and the military training of Omani rebels in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere (6)
  • The Sultan's visit to Dhofar (7)
  • Major M Budd's request for information about the tribes of Dhofar (8)
  • The possibility of embarrassment in future dealings with Sultan Saeed Bin Taimur following the response to the murder of an employee of the Pan American Hadhramaut Oil Company by a Kathiri Desert Guard (9).