Dubai oil production

FCO 8/1252 1968 Jan 01-1969 Dec 31

This file relates to the inauguration of oil production in Dubai. It contains correspondence concerning:

  • Different survey systems used by Dubai Petroleum Company (DPC) for offshore exploration and development at the Fateh Oilfield
  • Oil production estimates for 1969-71
  • Press cuttings from the Financial Times, 'Dubai oil expected in 30-60 days' and 'Dubai's submerged storage tank'
  • Relinquishment of BP's share of Dubai Marine Areas Limited (DUMA) to Compagnie Francaise des Petroles (CFP); and the question of whether BP should have sought the Ruler's permission
  • Political agreement between HMG and DUMA, dated 6 February 1964
  • Construction of the world's first underwater oil storage tank 'Khazzan Dubai I' by Chicago Bridge and Iron Company
  • Negotiations over the Dubai-Iran Median Line
  • Opening of a valve by the Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum to begin oil production at Fateh
  • Breakdown of the 1969 development budget allocations
  • Purchase of shares in the Fateh field by Hispanoil
  • Discussion of initial oil production results with President of DPC Nabors